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NOTE: At the time of posting this information this is available totally free, but it is planned to become a monthly subscription within a few weeks. 

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NOTE: Investors Club deposits will  mature at the end of a 12 month trading period. There are no guarantees of any kind offered but it is anticipated that each $12 share will return in excess of $100.

All payments will be made using TRX20 (Tether on the tron blockchain)

Because we will be using our time, expertise and knowledge to make the trades we will be deducting 40% from all profits on $12 shares upto $15,000 a month and 20% thereafter. The funds raised from these deductions will be used to pay the fees, costs associated and also wages for the traders with any surplus being allocated to the We Share Abundance Liquidity Pools.

Our goal is to be able to provide participants with a minimum of 15% a month after all deductions. Each share will mature in 12 months time and is expected to be over $100 on payout. There will be an option to remain for an additional 12 months when each share is anticipated to be over $1,000 in redemption value.


Because the greater the capital available to trade the greater the growth potential we are offering a limited number of special shares in the club at $100 ($105 including fees) and these shares will guarantee a minimum of 20% a month return. These will come with the option of a monthy payment for 12 months when the share will be repaid or may be compounded. The monthly deduction will be no greater than 20% from the gross trading returns and any profits in excess of 20% will be calculated and paid monthly or compounded as set by the purchasing member.

Example for $100 shares: If we make a profit of 30% it will be split as $24 per share and $6 into the admin pool; a profit of 40% will be split as $32 per share and $8 into the admin pool.

If paid monthly you can expect a minimum guaranteed return in 12 months of $340 per $100 share (12 x $20 + $100 returned). If you choose to compound the minimum guaranteed return in 12 months will be $1,120 per $100 share.

To buy special $100 shares ($105 each including fees) use the links below and then complete the form here.

Note: If you want some paid monthly and some compounded please make separate purchases and complete separate forms.