I CAN Auto Trade

ICan Auto Trade. This is something I would not usually recommend as it involves a trading bot and I have tried several and they have never delivered as promised. However, I know the man behind this one and I know he has spent a fortune developing it over 2 years and been testing it for about 8 months.

The inside scoop is that in testing it has averaged over 1% a day in all market conditions. That may not seem much but compounded daily it can turn $1,000 into over $37,000 in 12 months!

The minimum investment is $1,000 and there is a monthly fee of $97 so it makes sense to add this and pool our funds to maximise benefits and minimise risk.

Shares as usual are $12.55 each and we will pool our resources, working together as a team.

It is (soft) launching July 11th. with a maximum of 300 participants and our place is already booked and paid.

We want to be ready to take advantage as soon as possible and so are accepting deposits now  at our usual $12.55 a share.

It would be great to raise $10,000 but anything over $1,000 will get us started.