We have high hopes for this innovative plan and expect it to be the mainstay of our Investors Club.

Highly recommended either as a participant through the club or as a go it alone plan in our rapidly growing team. The sooner you get in the more chance yoiu have of building the matrix as an additional income stream.

Please watch the video below.

My personal recommendations (just my opinion and not financial advice) are….

that unless you are going to refer others take the Silver membership for just $10 a month and then add at least $150 as a stake because with just $100 your growth will be small due to the monthly $10 fee. Even if you plan to invest $10,000 the Silver membership will suffice if you do not refer anyone.

However, if you refer even one person then the Gold membership has advantages, but should be supported with a stake of $400 or more to allow for growth. Referring 4 people is all you need to do to maximise the benefits from the pay plan and all income streams.

At all times be aware of the Golden Rules and only do what you are comfortable with. A bank deposit will allow you access to your money more readily than FUNDSZ, but you will lose value in the bank and in my opinion FUNDSZ is a much better option even though your deposit is locked for 90 days. Your income is though available to draw or reinvest each week.

More Information To Help You Make An Educated Decision.

It has been incredible in our short time of being with FUNDSZ (less than a month). Many are for the first time, earning money in such a short time. And the growth of FUNDSZ has been explosive, as the word is getting out!
However, there have been hundreds of people who have signed up for free and the only reasons I can think of that they may have not upgraded, besides not having $10 (which is possible in this day and time) is that they have not taken the time to see just how valuable this platform can be and they don’t know what awaits them. Or they may not see how a platform with a very low barrier to entry can create the financial wealth that is possible for them. Anyone who feels that way simply has NOT taken the time to learn what FUNDSZ is all about, period!
Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch while others create wealth…
Do yourself a favor and take the first step to learn just how valuable being part of the FUNDSZ community can be for you, financially. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it is a lifelong journey towards unlimited generational wealth. So, go ahead and take that first step and you may be surprised where it leads you! Click below to start learning now!   You can join as a member of our Investors Club or from the FREE Downline Builder/Multiple Income Streams in We Share Abundance  OR use the button below